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Melt Pressure Transducers and Transmitters •  Process Indicators Pressure/Process
Controllers • Transducer Amplifier • Temperature Indicator Dual Indicator • Differential
Pressure Controller •  Transducer Simulator Tester Melt Thermocouple Cables •
Transducer Installation Kit • Rupture Burst Plugs Transducer PSI Tester • Transducer
Cleaning Kit • Care & Maintenance Kits
Durex has been a manufacturer of high quality electric heaters and temperature
sensors for a diverse group of customers.  Durex products are currently a critical
component in industries such as plastics, packaging, medical, semiconductor
processing, foodservice, military, and a variety of other process applications.

Cast Heaters  • Cartridge Heaters • Coil and Cable Heaters • Sensors
Ogden has one of industry's most complete lines of process electric heat and control
products. Ogden products are in use in many thousands of industrial, laboratory and
commercial applications..from packaging equipment to chromatography instruments...and
from the depths of the Alaskan gold mines to the orbit of the space shuttle, OGDEN
products are specified wherever reliability and value are required.
PID Temperature/Process Controls • Sequential and Continuous Multi-Loop Control
Systems • Indicators and FM Alarm Units • Modbus RTU, DeviceNet and Profibus-DP
Digital Communications • Complete Range of SCR and SSR Power Controllers
Full line Distributor of Mica Band heaters, Mica Strip heaters, Mineral Insulated Band
and Strip Heaters, Barrel Heaters, Coil and Cable Heaters, Silicone Rubber heaters,
Drum heaters, Sensors, wire, and accessories. Unsurpassed customer service and
expedited lead times.  
Heaters  • Sensors and Wire • Accessories • 1-866-357-4ptg
Dalton heaters are used for industrial process heat applications in automotive,
aerospace, plastics, adhesives, semiconductors, and many other industries throughout
the world. Products include the Watt-Flex® split-sheath cartridge heater and immersion
heater, Diff-Therm® platen heaters for vacuum diffusion pumps, and related
high-temperature accessories and heater modifications.
ElectroStatics Incorporated is a leading manufacturer and marketer of systems to control
static electricity and the related contamination with web cleaning and sheet cleaning
systems. The product line includes but is not limited to Static Meters, Static Neutralizing,
Static Bars and Blowers, Static Generating & Grounding systems, Wide and Narrow Web
Cleaning, Sheet Cleaning, and dust control devices for the complete control of Static
Water Manifolds • Flow meters • Limit Switches • Mold Temperature Regulators Speed
Injection Mold Changes with SWAP Valves • FasTie, Speed Bar, and K-link Mold ejector
systems • Mold Tender Systems
Rupture Disk • Extruder Assemblies • Union Rupture Disk Holders • Insert Rupture Disk
Holders • Sanitary Assemblies  • Sealed OUT Relief Valves • Rupture Panels •
Transportation Disks
Insulating Blankets for Industrial Heating Applications • Extruder Barrel Heat Loss
Insulation  • Die Insulation • Melt Pipe Insulation • Drool Disk • Sound Insulatio